• This time of year I always start thinking of China, intensely. The rains end in June and sweltering heat swoops in. I remember my aunt sitting on a small bench by the doorway one summer, trying to catch a breeze, sewing something, probably patching up one of my silk tanks.…

  • Refreshingly bittersweet ice cream. Pure matcha, cool and melty. My instagram blew up while I was asleep. I guess people are ready for ice cream. Sweet, cause I need more opportunities to practice my scoops. Here we have a triple decker, though I will admit, that 3rd scoop perched on…

  • AsianCookies

    Matcha Buttons

    by Lu
    by Lu

    One-bite green tea cookies that are crunchy on the outside from Turbinado sugar and buttery soft on the inside. Wildly popular with Asians and people who hang out with a lot of Asians. We’re talking 4 trays devoured, no leftovers, and so many compliments I got confused. One of my…

  • Here’s how to make your own bubble tea at home. There’s a basic recipe at the bottom of this post which you can endlessly customize. As for me, I like a lot of chewy boba and creamy milk tea. This is the boba I use, which you can find in an…

  • AsianBreakfastDrinks

    Masala Chai

    by Lu
    by Lu

    Never be disappointed by watered-down chai again. This is an authentic recipe for masala chai straight from a cooking class in India! Sip on a  steamy cup of this rich, deeply spiced Indian milk tea on wintry mornings. I hope everyone had a happy merry last night! I had a…

  • AsianTravel


    by Lu
    by Lu

    Our old house, where I spent most of my summers growing up. Dad’s side of the family still lives here. Don’t be fooled by its ramshackle exterior. This is prime real estate next to the lake. For a decade now, there’s been talk of knocking down these 1950s apartments to…

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