Josey Baker Bread and The Mill’s Amazing Toast

by Lu
josey baker bread

On my recent trip to San Francisco, I ate a lot of toast. Toast, you ask? I too was skeptical when Micah first suggested it. “You’ve never had toast like this before,” he promised. “Get ready for your mind to be TOAST-blown.” Nerd.

josey baker bread country loafUpon arriving at The Mill, we grabbed a loaf of Josey Baker’s country bread, a mix of whole wheat, bread flour, and sourdough. To my horror, Micah tore off a chunk with his bare hands, like some hipster savage (which he is not). “What are you doing?!” I whisper yelled. “It’s our bread now,” he said, cradling the loaf. Hmmmm… Then I stuck my hand in the paper bag and tore off a chunk too. WHOA, HELLO YUMMY BREAD.

josey baker breadAs you can see, I had to wrap it up to prevent Micah from eating the entire loaf in one sitting, on top of the three slices of toast we ordered.

$4 toast at the millFrom left to right: cream cheese with flaky salt and pepper, cinnamon sugar, and buttered apricot jam. We took bites of each before I remembered to get my camera out. The apricot jam toast was my favorite, hands down. Really thick slices of country bread, generously buttered, and drowning in fresh, cold, not too sweet apricot jam. I don’t even want to call it jam because really, it’s more like spreadable fruit. The slice of bread had a perfectly crispy crust and a soft chewy center. Micah was right, I was TOAST-BLOWN.

The following weekend, I introduced Tim to this toast. After one bite, he said, “I’m not sure why I ever doubted you.” (They also make a really good latte!)

josey baker breadBy the way, the guy behind this is actually named Josey Baker. Get out! Talk about being BORN to do something.

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